College of Business and Social Sciences

The College of Business and Social Sciences (CBS) has been in existence since the inception of the University in 2011 and has consistently played a key strategic role in the realization of the overarching vision and mission of Landmark University. The College is dedicated to raising a new generation of leaders and solution providers who are equipped with the requisite skills in agripreneurship, leadership and scholarship for the purpose of redeeming the battered image of the black race and restoring its lost glory.

The College supports the University Management in all its operations by generating ideas and developing models that promote the agrarian vision of the University; ensure efficient IT-based teaching, learning and creativity needed to break new grounds. The College occupies a space in the ultra-modern, well-equipped and expansive Second College Building in the University. The College atmosphere is extra-ordinarily conducive for teaching and learning for both Faculty and Students.

Our Philosophy

The College of Business and Social Sciences has held tenaciously to its Proprietor’s philosophy of high quality teaching and research activities in all human endeavours with a special focus on breaking new grounds in agriculture by spearheading an agrarian revolution on the African Continent. The College is successful because of its uncompromising commitment to these objectives, which are pursued with all vigour and willpower. The College is endowed with high caliber teaching staff whose intellectual capacities ensure research outputs of international standards as well as high quality teaching that is delivered with cutting-edge ICT facilities. To ensure that the constituent Departments in the College align with the University’s overarching goals of excellence, they pursue their programmes in line with the agrarian mandate and life-applicable core values of the University, namely Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice. The College sets general objective framework from which each Department is expected to draw out its specific objectives.
The College of Business and Social Sciences is a forward-thinking College that offers a plethora of opportunities for educational, recreational, and cultural development that is rooted in departure philosophy. Research and research-based education are cherished values of the College. We offer a friendly environment in which students are challenged to think outside the box. The College provides an excellent platform that enables students to rediscover themselves as well as enhance their spiritual, intellectual, professional and creative capacities in accordance with national, continental and global demands of the present and the future. As a College in the University, we are poised in helping Landmark University become a world-class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs.