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The practice of venture management has recorded success in the United States of America and India. This brought about the turn-around of businesses, both prospect and existing formal business operators in these nations. In the case of Nigeria, banks and other financial institutions have ended up providing advice to successful firms to acquire business organisation […]

A Bibliometric Study of Accounting Information Systems Research from 1975-2017

Accounting Information Systems automates accounting information. In prior literature, there is no consensus as to research areas to be included or excluded from AIS researches, coupled with the relatively scarce literature on AIS. The objective of this paper was to quantitatively analyze the volume and impact of AIS literature. Research documents retrieved from the Scopus […]

Depoliticizing environmental degradation: revisiting the UNEP environmental assessment

Based on the pedigree of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a credible international organization with proven track records of coordinating challenging environmental assessments and providing scientific and empirical evidence for policymaking and implementation, the Nigerian government invited it to carry out an environmental assessment study of Ogoniland, an oil-bearing community in the country‚Äôs […]